Earth Takes a Break


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Enjoy reading a story from Earth’s perspective!

Earth feels unwell, so she goes to the doctor. What the doctor prescribes seems impossible to Earth until she wakes the next day to surprising change!

Earth Takes a Break is a fantastic conversation starter for exploring themes of self-care, looking after one another, and considering how we care for this special planet we are lucky enough to call home. It’s a touching picture book jam-packed with fun illustrations and woven together with a message of hope.

TITLE: Earth Takes a Break




FORMAT: Hardbound


Dimensions: 8.5 x 11


ISBN: 978-1-954277-11-3


AUTHOR BIO: Born in England, Emily House now lives in Cape Town, South Africa, and loves telling stories with both words and pictures. Emily works best with a giant mug of tea in one hand and her drawing pencil in the other, following the sun around the house like her cat, Muffin. Her work is inspired by the quirkiness of everyday relationships and her love of the outdoors. Learn more about her work at


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